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Calculus Prep and Summer Plans
Entry Task
Activity and JR
Create a function that is discontinuous at x = 3, but the limit as x > 3 is equal to 5.
Review ET
Basic understanding of continuity and limits

Why do algebra now? Because it's the foundation of Calculus!
Begin Algebra Self-Test 1

JR: Which skills are clearly lacking from completing the Algebra Self-Test?
Return your math textbook if you have not already done so.

Complete the self-test activity from today's class.
Graph the following function, be sure to set an appropriate window:


Watch this Video Clip
Answer the question: What is the limit? Why does it not exist?
  • What are the different interpretations?
  • What if we approach the limit in a different way?

Learn about limits and continuity with Evaluating Limits worksheet

JR: How much time will you realistically devote to preparing yourself over the Summer for next year's mathematics class?

Discover a trigonometric identity by:
  1. Select a value for x (use radians).
  2. Enter into your calculator sin(x)^2 + cos(x)^2.
  3. Change your value of x and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Answer: Why do you get this result?

View THIS Calculus Preparation website made by Dr. Edge's Calculus Students. Make a list of sample problems you need help solving.
Calculate the slope of the line that passes through the function f(x) = x2 when x = 1 and x = 3.
Periods 1 & 3: Review Algebra Self-Tests and Resolve Algebra Misunderstandings from last night's homework

Period 5: Begin Algebra Self-Test 2 Resolve Algebra Misunderstandings.

JR: Which PreCalculus topic from this year's study did you enjoy the best.  Explain!
View the Khan Academy Test Prep website.
Practice some SAT test questions.
Bookmark this site to study for the SAT over the summer. (Note: The test format will change in March 2016, do you know which one you will take?)
Write about one thing you wish you learned more about in this class.
End of year Wrap-up

Summer Homework Briefing

NO More JR's
Summer Homework. Return to Dr. Edgerton's webpage for calculus homework.
Pancake Breakfast
Complete the assigned homework provided by Dr. Edgerton, relax and have a wonderful summer. It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with all of you this year!
Mr. G.