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Raisbeck Aviation High School, 2014 - 2015


Instructor: Riley Germanis
Phone: Currently Unavailable
Office Hours: Before & After school or by appointment

Class Meetings
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Period 1, 3 5
See NOTAM for Weekly Schedule

Syllabus                                Assessments                                Grades

    Required Materials:

Composition Notebook    Two (2) hardbound composition notebooks (Mead). One for homework and other for Journal Reflection. Only purchase notebooks with lines, no gridded/graphing paper.

Graphing CalculatorTexas Instruments (TI) graphing calculator. This class will support TI-83, TI-84 (all in series), TI-nSpire (all in series). Other graphing calculators may be used, but will not be supported during class time.
 *If purchasing a calculator is a financial challenge, please contact Mr. Germanis to make arrangements for a loan calculator.

AAA Batteries Four (4) pack of AAA Batteries.

Protractor, Compass and Ruler  Geometric drawing supplies (one ruler, one protractor, one compass). Transparent tools preferred for easy use.

Pens AND Pencils   Several pencils (mechanical okay), Black or Blue ballpoint pens AND pencil sharpener.

Daily Schedule

Below is a sample of a unit lesson plan that was implemented to teach students about Trigonometric functions. The following was displayed for students, parents, administrators and community leaders to access the materials. Please search around for interesting lessons. If you have any questions about the unit, please email me at

Units of Learning

Chapter 1 - Modeling

Chapter 5 - Triangle Trigonometry

Chapter 4 - Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 6 - Coordinates and Vector Systems

Chapter 7 - Matrix Operations

Chapter 3 - Polynomial Models

Chapter 2 - Exponential and Inverse Functions

Sequences and Series

Chapter 9 - Counting and Binomial Theorem

Pre-Calculus Project

Chapter 8 - Analytic Geometry

Calculus Preparations